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Track Days

How NOT to crash your motorcycle at a track day, it’s easier than you think.

Crashing, intimidation, your motorcycle, and just ignorance. Those are the most common reasons I hear from riders on never making it out to the track. The track is for everyone and yes some crashing does happen but it is a small percentage....

Phillip Island Motorcycle Track Day on a BMW S1000RR with MEGA Ride Days

Most riders dream of riding Phillip Island. It is a MotoGP track! I make the trek to Australia and skip right over the Great Barrier Reef and onto the legendary Phillip Island GP. Everything about the experience was incredible. While expensive, I'll never regret it...

A quick five minute guide to the Ridge Motorsports Park

I've been going to the Ridge since it opened and it is a fantastic facility. The best track day organizers I've used are OPRT and MotoFit. This year I have a better track bike, a Kawasaki ZX10R and a lot of extra instruction. I am able to do laptimes of 1:57 this year...

Track Day Nutrition. What you need to eat to stay energetic and focused for all sessions.

A Track Day is incredibly physically and mentally demanding. Is it possible to remain energetic and focused for the entire day? Yes, but it does require discipline. I wrote about how to show up at a track day properly (right here) which touched on nutrition. Nutrition...

Your first Track Day. How to show up like a regular.

Written by Lee Heaver with contributions by the Track Heads Group; Mike, Brandon Knutson, Kim Gill, Dean Drolet. Any motorcycle and rider is welcome to a track day. You do not need to be a 'great rider' to go to a track day. Great riders are made at track days. If the...

The finest California trip I’ve ever done. My gift to you.

I live in Vancouver BC and have been riding for 12 years now. During that time I have logged 150,000kms and good portion of that is in California. Most of it is in the United States. For good reason, the roads are incredible. This trip was similar to previous ones....
Ridge Motorsports Park with Motofit

Ridge Motorsports Park with Motofit

The best track in the Pacific North West I drove down to Shelton, Washington for a track day at Ridge Motorsports Park with the Motofit Group. I headed down mid afternoon on Saturday and made a few stops along the way. First stop was Baja Fresh for some good mexican...

Thunderhill Trackday with Trackside Services

First BIG trackday at Thunderhill. I am hooked! I've been riding for about 100,000kms now and not once in that 100,000kms have I been on a big track. I have done Mission and Pitt Meadows but nothing prepared me for Thunderhill. It was hosted by Trackside Services (who...


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