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Ideas & Opinions

Do the impound laws work? Do radar detectors work? The cop that impounded 2100+ answers.

If you ride motorcycles faster than the speed limit (and most do...) then you have heard about Grant Gottgetreu. Good news! He is retired now and even riding his motorcycle. Sort of. He has taken up the role of consultant to you. He can now help you get off your...

Author Hour Interview on my book: Your First Motorcycle

Charlie Hoehn interviews me about my book. If you are interested in what it is about and just want to listen, rather than read. You'll have lots of great tips about getting into it. Listen to it right here or visit Author Hour here

Summary of QAs, great quotes, and damn good advice on riding motorcycles

The QAs has been worth it. The riders I interviewed all had some great things to say and I've learned a lot too. If you missed them you can view them all here and there are links below. There were common themes among some of them. It was a broad spectrum of...

Q&A with Matt Bush. The happiest stunter you’ll ever meet. Want to learn? Talk to him first.

Matt Bush builds, collects, breathes, rides, lives, and loves motorcycles. He works on helicopters for a living, specializing in flight controls, hydraulics and various aircraft components. He also manages his eBay store BushMotoWorx where he parts out crashed bikes...

Q&A with Misti Hurst #141. She just wanted to ride. She had no plan, some big crashes, and trained her way to the AMA.

Misti started with riding in 2000 at the age of 24. A year later she entered her first race in Washington. She followed that up with the Canadian Nationals and then did  two years racing AMA 600 Supersport and Formula Extreme. She used to jet set around the world...

Q&A with Jeremy Kroeker on riding through the Middle East. It’s friendly and surprisingly affordable.

Jeremy Kroeker is a freelance writer, a speaker, and the author of three books, “Motorcycle Therapy”, “Through Dust and Darkness”, and "Motorcycle Messengers". With his motorcycle, he has traveled to nearly 30 countries while managing to do at least one outrageously...


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