Lee RideFar

Where it all began…

In 2005 I learned to ride.
 And then my life changed forever.

Within two weeks of never sitting on a motorcycle he owned his first one. A 1989 Honda CB1. Soon after, Lee fell in love with touring and taking it to the track. Keeping himself and others safe has always been a priority.

To further his motorcycle education he has taken programs at West Coast Superbike school, American Supercamp, Optimum Performance Rider Training, Go FlatTrack, Northwest Motorcycle School and trained with experienced racers such as Josh Hayes, Danny Walker, and Jake Gagne. Lee loves track days and has ridden The Ridge Motorsports Park, Thunderhill Raceway, Phillip Island, Sydney Motorsports Park, Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit, Area 27, and Mission Raceway.  Lee is also a safety rider at Pitt Meadows Track Days and is part of the MCC Road Riders Council of Canada.

Riding became a passion. I went out onto the open road and joined the motorcycling community. I spent the first few years riding locally and riding with groups. Then came the 2002 Honda F4i. I soon found myself as far away as Utah, California, and Arizona! To further my education I took the racer training program at West Coast Superbike school and began attending track days at Mission Raceway and Pitt Meadows. Rather than racing I became a volunteer corner worker and helped out at Mission Raceway. I also was a corner worker at the 2007 and 2008 MotoGP at Laguna Seca Raceway. It was quite the experience.

Long distance touring is where I ride most of my kilometers. Most of my motorcycling kilometers have been spent outside city limits. Organizing multi day rides with several other riders has been common place. One of my favorite rides was leading 25 riders through the state of Oregon and leading them all home safely. 

But wait there is more…

Trips and Track Days are what Lee loves to do the most on motorcycles. Most of his motorcycling kilometers have been spent outside city limits in the Western United States, and even as far away as Mexico, Australia, Vietnam and Thailand. Organizing multi day rides with several other riders has been common place. One of Lee’s favorite rides was leading 25 riders through the state of Oregon and leading them all home safely. When it comes to the track, he doesn’t race. The track is where Lee can push the limits of the motorcycle and himself to learn.

Lee has also written two books on motorcycling. Your First Motorcycle & The Adventures You’ll Have Riding Motorcycles. Available in audiobook, ebook, and paperback. You can see all his adventures, articles and interviews at www.ridefar.ca.

In his past life he was a financial planner and left that to start 1st Gear Motorcycle Training. Not only can he teach you ride but he can help you with the “numbers” of motorcycle riding. Owning and Riding a motorcycle can be expensive. Lee knows how to do it in the most cost efficient way possible. This includes the numbers behind insuring your motorcycle, insuring yourself, buying/selling motorcycles, and spending wisely.

Lee is also a forever student as well. In the recent past and currently, he has taken dance, piano, trampoline, aerial silks, and personal training. Always being a student ensures he never forgets what it is like to be the one learning. There is nothing Lee would like more than to see his students have long, safe and fun experiences on their motorcycles just like he has.



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