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Do the impound laws work? Do radar detectors work? The cop that impounded 2100+ answers.

If you ride motorcycles faster than the speed limit (and most do...) then you have heard about Grant Gottgetreu. Good news! He is retired now and even riding his motorcycle. Sort of. He has taken up the role of consultant to you. He can now help you get off your...

Riding Pike’s Peak on the cheap but can you handle the lack of oxygen at 14,110ft?

Pike's Peak is high up on the list of places to ride and when the opportunity arises, you ride it! A quick phone call to Colorado Motorcycle Adventures and I was setup with a Husqvarna 701 and my buddy had a BMW 1200GS. We called the day before so we were...

Learning to ride like a cop at NorthWest Motorcycle School

I took a four day intensive course at NorthWest Motorcycle School and loved it all! Advanced Rider Training in all forms and motorcycles is good fun and helps you become a better rider in all types of riding. Check out the video for the full report. ...

How NOT to crash your motorcycle at a track day, it’s easier than you think.

Crashing, intimidation, your motorcycle, and just ignorance. Those are the most common reasons I hear from riders on never making it out to the track. The track is for everyone and yes some crashing does happen but it is a small percentage....

Author Hour Interview on my book: Your First Motorcycle

Charlie Hoehn interviews me about my book. If you are interested in what it is about and just want to listen, rather than read. You'll have lots of great tips about getting into it. Listen to it right here or visit Author Hour here

Phillip Island Motorcycle Track Day on a BMW S1000RR with MEGA Ride Days

Most riders dream of riding Phillip Island. It is a MotoGP track! I make the trek to Australia and skip right over the Great Barrier Reef and onto the legendary Phillip Island GP. Everything about the experience was incredible. While expensive, I'll never regret it...

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Are you thinking about riding motorcycles? Start here. The world of motorcycles has something to offer everyone. Is it worth the risk? Is it really that risky? This book will walk you through what you getting yourself into and how much an adventure it can be for you. Your First Motorcycle is a beginner’s guide to the best, safest, and most cost-effective ways to start riding motorcycles.

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