The finest California trip I’ve ever done. My gift to you.

I live in Vancouver BC and have been riding for 12 years now. During that time I have logged 150,000kms and good portion of that is in California. Most of it is in the United States. For good reason, the roads are incredible. This trip was similar to previous ones....

MOREgon – Why we keep going back to Oregon to RIDE

Last year I was fortunate enough to ride Oregon twice last year. It was so good it deserved yet another visit. A mere mention to my closest riding buddies that Oregon was being planned was all it took. Below are the roads and the video of it. Middle and Eastern Oregon...

Track Day at Ridge Motorsports Park with OPRT

I spent the day at the Ridge with the OPRT group with Rider Training. I've been riding for over 11 years now and I'll always take the opportunity for instruction. We all can learn something every time. I have not been to the Ridge for three years. Getting back to a...


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