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Q&A with Matt Bush. The happiest stunter you’ll ever meet. Want to learn? Talk to him first.

Matt Bush builds, collects, breathes, rides, lives, and loves motorcycles. He works on helicopters for a living, specializing in flight controls, hydraulics and various aircraft components. He also manages his eBay store BushMotoWorx where he parts out crashed bikes...

Q&A with Troy Burstyk. Racer, teacher, and all around good guy. Here’s the story of his successes.

From 1981 to 2015 Troy raced at different times motocross, flattrack, roadracing, supermoto, and even drag racing motorcycles. He was fortunate enough to win some championships in the various disciplines.  He also co-owned and operated West Coast Superbike School from...

Q&A with Misti Hurst #141. She just wanted to ride. She had no plan, some big crashes, and trained her way to the AMA.

Misti started with riding in 2000 at the age of 24. A year later she entered her first race in Washington. She followed that up with the Canadian Nationals and then did  two years racing AMA 600 Supersport and Formula Extreme. She used to jet set around the world...

Q&A with MAXWRIST. Breaking all the rules, riding really FAST and why you shouldn’t.

Interview by Lee Ridefar. Full Throttle. Full Power. Full Aggression. MAXWRIST has made a name for himself on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc by excessively speeding, pulling wheelies by fast cars, and being the rider that breaks all the rules. So why is...

Q&A with Kevin Miklossy: The honey badger of adventure motorcyclists!

Kevin doesn't give a sh*t where he and bike rides as evident in his pictures (more at the bottom of the page). Kevin has been a rider for over 30 years and an adventure rider for 8 years. He's logged over 500,000kms+ on all sort of various motorcycles. He loves both...

Q&A with Jay Tait #90. Green blooded Kawasaki rider winning races and telling you how easy it is to be a safer rider.

Jay has completed multiple advanced riding courses, raced motorcycles in BC, AB and ON, and currently is a race school instructor with the WMRC. You can find him selling both motorcycles and riding accessories at Burnaby Kawasaki. Advanced riding courses completed:...
Replacing your zipper on your motorcycle gear

Replacing your zipper on your motorcycle gear

Your motorcycle gear is tough. It is only as good as the seams, stitches and zippers. I was having issues with my zipper on my Alpinestars One Piece suit. This is its fourth season and about 50,000kms of wear. This suit has endured all types of weather and roads. I...


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