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Your First Motorcycle

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Motorcycling has had a profound effect on my life both personally and professionally. Writing a book on getting into motorcycling seemed natural as I really want to show what it can be to you. Society (and your parents!) can easily vilify and scare you out of ever wanting to ride a motorcycle. Is it really that dangerous? Yes, it can be. With common sense, knowing the stats, education, and motorcycle gear there is no reason why you can have the same life changing experiences I’ve had.

We live in a society that constantly wants to make everything safe. We go along with it because it makes sense. Yet we seek out danger in the things we watch and experience. We need that thrill, it is in our DNA. We did not evolve to live in plush environments watching a screen all day long. Getting out there and experiencing the world is where we will get the most of out of life. Adventure my hurt us, but monotony will kill us.

If your curiosity can’t ignore motorcycles take the first step and read about it. Motorcycling is a skill that you can take with you for the rest of your life. It can be that quick weekend ride, a ride along dirt roads, big trips across country, a scooter ride in Thailand, or a speedy day on the track. Motorcycling can be anything you want and you can control most of the risk. It isn’t just sheer luck I’ve made it this far on motorcycles. My friends are still here riding along with me. Join us, make new friends, experiences, and have new adventures.

Did I meet you on a trip? Need route advice? Saying hello? I’d love to hear from you!

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