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Lee RideFar

Phillip Island Motorcycle Track Day on a BMW S1000RR with MEGA Ride Days

Most riders dream of riding Phillip Island. It is a MotoGP track! I make the trek to Australia and skip right over the Great Barrier Reef and onto the legendary Phillip Island GP. Everything about the experience was incredible. While expensive, I'll never regret it...

Your First Motorcycle: Suzuki GSX250R

We had the opportunity (Thanks to Eddie at Motorcycle World) ride the Suzuki GSX250R this past season. Several of us rode it on the street, track, and everywhere in between. We even let some students ride it. In the end we put about 3500kms on it. So is it a worthy...

A quick five minute guide to the Ridge Motorsports Park

I've been going to the Ridge since it opened and it is a fantastic facility. The best track day organizers I've used are OPRT and MotoFit. This year I have a better track bike, a Kawasaki ZX10R and a lot of extra instruction. I am able to do laptimes of 1:57 this year...

Track Day Nutrition. What you need to eat to stay energetic and focused for all sessions.

A Track Day is incredibly physically and mentally demanding. Is it possible to remain energetic and focused for the entire day? Yes, but it does require discipline. I wrote about how to show up at a track day properly (right here) which touched on nutrition. Nutrition...

Summary of QAs, great quotes, and damn good advice on riding motorcycles

The QAs has been worth it. The riders I interviewed all had some great things to say and I've learned a lot too. If you missed them you can view them all here and there are links below. There were common themes among some of them. It was a broad spectrum of...

Q&A with Matt Bush. The happiest stunter you’ll ever meet. Want to learn? Talk to him first.

Matt Bush builds, collects, breathes, rides, lives, and loves motorcycles. He works on helicopters for a living, specializing in flight controls, hydraulics and various aircraft components. He also manages his eBay store BushMotoWorx where he parts out crashed bikes...


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