I was asked to write this article on Group Riding. It really is a fantastic way to enjoy motorcycling. Read on.

As a motorcycle instructor, there is nothing that I enjoy more than seeing my students have fun and safe experiences on their motorcycles. Group rides can be especially enjoyable and can enhance camaraderie between riders in a way that nothing else can. Here are 10 tips for a great group ride.

1. Arrive prepared
Before you even show up for the ride, ensure you have a full tank a gas or get there early to fill up. Do a pre-ride check as well. You don’t want surprises nor do you want to cause unnecessary stops. The condition of your motorcycle is your responsibility; ignorance is no excuse.

2. Have a riding buddy
If you are joining a group you are unfamiliar with, have a riding buddy who can ride back with you and look out for you. It is also a good idea to exchange emergency contact info with your riding buddy.

3. Be social
If you are new to the group, don’t just hide in the back. At the very minimum introduce yourself to the ride leader/organizer and the sweeper (last rider in the group). If you have some anxiety about doing a group ride, rest assured that the nerves will soon pass once you get the introductions out the way.

4. Be honest about your skill level
If you’re a new rider, don’t hide it. Most rides are very accommodating and you’ll get more respect being honest about your skill level. If you are an experienced rider, consider volunteering to sweep or buddy up with a new rider.

5. Use motorcycle hand signals
Be familiar with the common motorcycle hand signals and use them to indicate direction changes, and also to warn other riders of road hazards or speed traps. A couple taps on your helmet with your left hand is all it takes to warn others to slow down and avoid a potential traffic ticket.

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10 Tips for Motorcycle Group Riding