Announcing 1st Gear Motorcycle School & Training

With great excitement here is 1st Gear Motorcycle School     I been riding for over nine year and well over 100,000kms. It’s time to teach people what I have learned over the years. Motorcycle is a passion of mine and now I will get to spend a good...

Where do you go to avoid the rain, snow, and fog of California? Palm Springs!

I thought bad weather was a novelty in California not a consistency. Good thing we headed for the desert.

Riding in January?

Yes! It was a real mind bender riding in January. Living in Vancouver you just don’t ride in the winter. It was incredibly good for my motorcycling soul.

Nevada City and Yosemite

My first ride with my bike being stored in San Francisco. The ride starts in SF and ends in SF!

Ridge Motorsports Park with Motofit

The best track in the Pacific North West

I can teach you...

Have you always wanted to learn to ride motorcycles?

Ride longer, faster, and smarter

Nutrition, health, and exercise. Does it relate to motorcycling? In more ways than you would think.

Rules of the Road

On big trips these rules and ideas will make for a smooth ride. Big rides are great, do it up right.

Read today, ride tomorrow!

Looking for ideas for a great rides? All my ride reports and blog posts are here.