First BIG trackday at Thunderhill. I am hooked!

I’ve been riding for about 100,000kms now and not once in that 100,000kms have I been on a big track. I have done Mission and Pitt Meadows but nothing prepared me for Thunderhill. It was hosted by Trackside Services (who I have nothing but good things to say about) and it was an OPEN track day. Not a concept I am familiar with but I was assured it would be a great experience. NSGSXR and I signed ourselves up and we arrived just in time for the rider meeting. We missed the yellow flag ride (not that it’s slow anyways…) around so our first time out was completely intimidating and frightening. We were on the track with professionals and the speed variance was very large. Not to mention we were not familiar with the layout. Watching several youtube videos prior didn’t help much! We lasted about 4 laps and then sat in the pits with wide eyes and questioning why we are even here. I am not slow on the street but what I just experienced on the track was nothing short of being a complete Newbie. It took some courage but we both got out there again and were more comfortable. By the third time we went out were having the time of lives! What a turnaround! We got the flow for the track, the line, and our speed increased substantially. Getting your head space and understanding the track layout figured out made a huge difference. As the day progressed we were able to bounce ideas off each other and talk to other track riders. Like the trackdays up here it is full of happy, friendly people.  By lunchtime I would say half the participants had packed it up or were done with riding. All of the sudden the track became a barron place. It was great!!! My laptimes increased to 2:30 which is alright for a first time. I borrowed a GoPro and was able to attach it to several locations on my bike. The YouTube vids have four different angles for you so fast forward through them to see them all. By the end of the day we logged about 150miles/240kms. So that is about 50 laps. Not too bad!

Will I be back? HELL YAH! I am hooked. I can’t wait to get the 2013 trackday schedules so I can plan out the 2013 riding season.  Muahahaha.

Thanks to: Evan Leung DTC imageworks

Thanks to: Got Blue Milk Photography