Yes! It was a real mind bender riding in January. Living in Vancouver you just don’t ride in the winter. It was incredibly good for my motorcycling soul.


I flew down to San Francisco and made my way through BART transit system. I am beginning to become quite comfortable with it. Even in January, there is a certain ‘warmth’ to the air in California.

The original plan was to ride Saturday, Sunday, and Monday on some roads but it was rain for Saturday. How lucky for me! Rather than mope around I opted to be the tourist. San Francisco has alot to offer and it is really up to me to check it out. Through the light drizzle I was able to check out the Civic Center Plaza and the Mission District via the city bikes. So yes I did get to ride… a pedal bike under my own power and no helmet or gear. Bicycles are alot of work.

Given that Adam and I had only two days to ride we headed south along the coast. Damn it was cold! By cold I mean it was still warm enough to ride in January. The heated gear did it’s job. We headed south via hwy 9 with a quick stop at Alice’s Restaurant. The rest of the day was spent on Hwy 1. Normally I avoid the main routes but the 1 was quiet enough to enjoy alot of the beautiful corners and stunning scenery. I hadn’t been riding in three months and being reintroduced to California roads is a challenge. Challenge accepted. My iphone was not up for the challenge as it flew off my bike at 70mph. I used the same cradle to hold it for the past 30,000kms with no issue. Why now. I guess I can blame that one on user error.

The rest of the day was just perfect and riding without my cellphone, GPS, and music was just a first world problem. Not long ago that’s how people went on motorcycle rides. I think I can manage!

When we arrived in San Luis Ibispo we grabbed a coffee and figured out our accommodations for the night. We settled onĀ Quality Suites Central Coast. Rather than book it online we thought we’d show up and make a deal. Glad we did! Not only did they have a deal on but motorcyclists get 20% off. Between the two of us it was $60 each. This included free beer and wine from 5pm to 7pm and a made to order breakfast. God bless America! A motorcyclists paradise.

The second day had us going back a different way home which turned out to be mediocre. Jolon Rd and E Carmel Valley road was a nice route back home but the surface could have been better. This was all forgotten once we arrived in gigantic park space south of San Francisco. So many corners to enjoy and so little traffic to get in our way. By the time we arrive back home it was 530 miles total and it was enough. Riding in California, in January is something special.

To put it in perspective I woke up in San Luis Ibispo at 8am. Rode all day. Flew home from San Francisco to Bellingham WA and I walked through my door at 1030pm. Carpe Diem!


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Smashed it good!


Quality Suites @ San Luis Ibispo. Highly recommended!

Cajun food. Tasty now Nightmares later. I don't know why but shell fish leads to crazy dreams.

Cajun food. Tasty now Nightmares later. I don’t know why but shell fish leads to crazy dreams.


A quick stop to take it all in


Chasing 46

Chasing 46

Cruisin Hwy 9

Cruisin Hwy 9