Your motorcycle gear is tough. It is only as good as the seams, stitches and zippers. I was having issues with my zipper on my Alpinestars One Piece suit. This is its fourth season and about 50,000kms of wear. This suit has endured all types of weather and roads. I have had some minor crashes with it (low speed) and it has held up well. The zipper was no longer working consistently. Thankfully this is the first issue I had. Good gear lasts. I tried lubricating the teeth which helped but ultimately it just would not zip up properly. During the ride the wind would blow it open. Eventually I could get it to stay but this is not an issue I want to have. I have some trips and track days coming up so why chance it.

I emailed Alpinestars and they will replace zippers for $50USD but you will have to ship it to Torrance, California. Taking to the internet and the various facebook groups. Going to leather/shoe repair shop was the first choice. There was one in my neighborhood. He carefully looked at it for a minute then decided it is doable. The big logistic with this the heavy duty fabric and stitches. This is a tough job. He did agree to do it at the price of $80cdn. Done! He said it would be ready next week. Smash cut to tomorrow, he called and it was done. Nice turn around time!

The suit zipper was good as new. He even put in a heavier duty one. It may very well outlast the life of the suit.

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