Last year I was fortunate enough to ride Oregon twice last year. It was so good it deserved yet another visit. A mere mention to my closest riding buddies that Oregon was being planned was all it took. Below are the roads and the video of it. Middle and Eastern Oregon are incredible riding. With the help of Butler Maps, we missed very little. A forth trip will be required to hit up the rest of the roads I want to ride! Enjoy.

Roads Ridden

Sedro Wooley WA to Twisp WA via hwy 20 (Five star. Always)

The Dalles to Condon via the 206 (Good)

Condon via to the 206 then to Spray via the 207 (Five Star!)

Kimberly to Long Creek via the 402 (ok)

Long Creek to Mt Vernon via the 395 (Good)

John Day to Seneca via the 395 (Five Star!)

Unity to Baker City via the 245 (Good. Would be a five star if the road was cleaner)

Baker City to Halfway to Joseph via the 86 and 39 (Five Star. Some rough sections but great overall)

Enterprise to Lewiston ID via Hells Canyon 3 (Five Star!)

Enterprise to Ukiah via the 82 and 244. (Good)

Ukiah to Heppner via the 395 and 74 (Five Star. The best section of the trip)

Heppner to Arlington via the 207, 74, and 19 (Good)

The Dalles to Mabton WA via Klikitat 142 and Mabton Hwy (Good)

It is worth mentioning that staying in the Dalles is great. The Dalles Inn is good and the Baldwin Saloon has incredible food and drinks. They even have old time piano playing on Saturday nights.