A very wet day on the racetrack but lots of fun

The day started out so promising for maybe decent weather. The sun was almost out… completely dry… Then as soon as the rider meeting started the sky opened up and it poured all day. Didn’t even let up. Didn’t stop me from getting out there. I trucked my bike in, had a pop up tent (thanks kerunt!), and Michelin Pilot Road 3s. No excuses! I did four out of the six sessions and they were great. Learned alot; Going through puddles leaned over, feeling the rear slip out in a corner, too much throttle, ‘head shake’ from too much front brakes, etc. All things that I just don’t have enough experience in I just got a good refresher for.

It was a bit crazy going down the straight full blast with little visibility but it did add to the fun. You got to see just how early some people were braking. That was definitely a factor when trying to pass anyone. Just how long are you going to wait in the rain to hammer the brakes???

There were a few crashes but everyone seems ok.

I don’t regret going out yesterday at all but it would have been nice to have the sun. While it is no fun to ride in the rain it is very good to get some good track side riding experience in it. The Michelin Pilot Road 3s were fantastic. They did not hesitate or slip in any corner. Only when I applied too much throttle did they slip and when I eased off the throttle they found traction immediately. I highly recommend this tire to anyone who occasionally find themselves in the rain. They have been fantastic in the dry too.

Thanks Troy and everyone at West Coast SuperBike for putting this on. You certainly got the shit end of the stick with the one day of rain but that’s life.

I did find it ironic that by the time I got home, unloaded, and dried off. The rain stopped and even a little sun came out…

Thanks to Two Bros Racing for taking a few pics